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Ma Joly Wedding | Amy + Adam | Best Bali Wedding Photographer

Amy and Adam Rocking the Romantic beach sunset.

It was like no other wedding, the bride kick of the day with special preparation in Ma Joly special room with her best friend which they fill with Nirvana songs and other rock-hard music. The bridesmaid gettingĀ  nervous one by one while they doing the make up, funnily more than the bride. But they still enjoying the preparation with some drink and shot a long the way. Amy, the bride, with Tarra, Kathy, Bella, and Laura excitingly talk about the dress that Amy would wear. “Tarra make it for me, it’s so beautiful and different”, said the bride about the two piece in rose champagne colors.

Mean while, a few guest, Groom and his best mens, entering the Ma Joly restaurant garden. It’s all smile, and Adam shave his beard, “I look younger, don’t i?”, joke Adan that looks comfort in his Vans shoes. It was a bright day, the guest faning their self with fan souvenir that Amy and Adam display on the welcome table, with option black and purple fan, which the couple favorite color.

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